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Just be yourself. ( neck series)

      Relax before you start today's theme. There are too many people in the world, you are not the renminbi, 

and it is impossible for everyone to like you. Just be yourself.

     I think the premise of good sales is to let someone know what you are doing?

Tell customers about the products you sell so that they can find you when you need them.

company mainly products include 10 series:

      1 neck support        

      2 shoulder back support,

      3 arm series             

      4 waist support,

      5 knee support,颈托_副本.jpg

      6 ankle support,

      7 foot support,

      8 first-aid series                                              

      9 splint 

      10 crutches

Today, i main introduction cervical collar series

      1 philadelphia cervical collar

      2 emergency cervical collar

      3 sponge cervical collar

      4 sponge+plastic cervical collar

      5 plastic cervical collar

      6 rubber cervical collar

      7 inflatable cervical collar

      8 self heated cervical collar


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