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Sorting and answering various questions about self-heating products

1. The correct use of self-heating protective gear:

The moxibustion surface of the protective device is moistened with water (winter can be warmed with water), and then directly attached to the skin in the health care part. The skin gradually feels hot and has a needle-like feeling in about 20 minutes. The tighter the application, the twice daily use, about 3 hours each time, in addition to sleep should not be worn, you can also adjust the wearing time and frequency according to your own situation. A small part of the skin sensitive people will have skin burning and redness when using it. It is a normal phenomenon and will not damage the skin, which can shorten the wearing time.

There should be no heat feeling when you touch the protective gear and the skin by hand, but the skin of the used part has a strong sense of heat and acupuncture.

The protector can be removed when it feels hot, and it will last for a long time to feel hot after being taken off.

Some people can quickly feel fever without being wetted. However, some people do not wet and use it. It is difficult to heat quickly or not, which is related to the user's physical condition and season.

2. Must be used close to the skin?

Close to the skin, this heat effect is good and strong. When used by clothes, the heat effect will be weakened, but the effects of negative ions and magnetic therapy can still function normally. The fever function is good in the state of conforming to the skin. The closer the skin is applied, the faster and the stronger the heat. !

3. Hot and hot, unbearable, what should I do? Will it burn the skin?

It is just the feeling of the skin. It is the feeling that a lot of energy accumulates on the surface of the skin for a short time. It is not a real high temperature burning skin, so you don't have to worry about burning the skin. After the energy of the surface layer of the skin gradually penetrates into the gap of the muscle or bone, the feeling of heat and scalding will weaken or disappear. When the feeling of heat or acupuncture is strong, please take the product out of the skin directly, and it will disappear after a while.

4. Why do people feel very hot and comfortable after using it? I only wear it for less than a while and can't stand it?

Self-heating moxibustion products do not give the body heat from the outside, but stimulate the body's own fever, so the heat is completely determined by the user's own physical condition. Generally speaking, the heat is acceptable to the human body or even if it feels hot, it can gradually return to normal within 1 or 2 hours after being taken off. If it is used for a short period of time, it will not be able to withstand or take off for a long time. It is usually because the user's body is cold or wet or weak. It is recommended to shorten the use time and stick to it. This situation will improve while time is actively working with other fitness exercises.

5. Why do I not feel the heat after wearing it for a long time?

There are usually two reasons:

1. Climatic reasons: Generally, the temperature in winter is low and the skin of the human body is dry. The fever will be slower or the heat is not high. In this case, just apply the wet surface and then use it.

2, the human body's own reasons: about 5% of people, after wearing, the time of fever needs to be very long or not hot, it is because the capillary is deep, or the microcirculation is not good, or the body temperature is low for a long time, or The metabolism is not strong, and so on, these reasons will lead to a long time of fever. At this time, while using the wet protective gear, you can drink some hot water, or walk around and walk in the sun, which will stimulate the product to heat up.

Less than 1% of the population has severe symptoms due to the above-mentioned physical discomfort, and it may be difficult to achieve high fever in the first few uses. It is recommended to stick to it. When the product is not hot, the patient is treated mildly. When the product is hot, the energy released by the product is 20-30 times that of non-fever, and the patient is treated with strong treatment.

6. What is the service life of fever moxibustion protective gear? How to maintain washing?

The life expectancy in the continuous use state is about 6000 hours, no need to time. This product can be used for 5-6 years. It has a good self-recovery ability, so it can be used for a long time if used properly. Do not use any detergent when washing, and do not use soap detergent. Simply scrub with water. Please wash in 5 minutes, wash and dry in a cool, ventilated place.

7. I feel very hot after wearing it, just like using a pepper paste. Is there a chili ingredient inside?

A: Since the products of self-heating moxibustion, when encountering water or sweat, the electrons in the material molecules will be displaced, and at the same time release a large amount of far-infrared anions and bio-electricity. What you feel is bio-current, not “chili "If it is a pepper, it will not be able to wash many times for a long time, and it will still have a fever effect."

8. Why do some people react strongly, some people feel that the needle is uncomfortable, and some people will feel itchy?

A: This is because each person has different causes of illness, different in weight and severity. The causes and severity of infection with rheumatism and cold pain are different, and the course of disease is also long. Therefore, everyone's feelings are different. Some people have a stronger sense of heat than others. Some people have a strong sense of needle sticking, and others have a feeling of itching. These are normal phenomena. Don't worry about damaging your skin.

If the feeling is too strong, you can take it off temporarily and wear it for a long time.

In general, the strong sense of needle sticking is due to the wet poisoning of the body infection, or the enlarged pores and the development of sweat glands;

There is an itchy feeling, it is very likely that the microcirculation of the skin surface is not good, or the breathing function of the user's own skin is not very good, so there will be an itching feeling.

Under normal circumstances, after a period of use, the above strong symptoms will gradually improve the adjustment of body function.

9. After wearing for a long time, why is the heat weakened and how should the heat be restored?

A: After wearing for a long time, the heat is weakened by the stains such as sweat stains, skin oils and the like, and the heat is weakened. At this time, the protective gear needs to be cleaned. Generally, it can be cleaned with water. If the stain is heavy, you can use a cloth to take a highly diluted detergent solution, gently wipe the hot spots, then rinse off with water and dry in a ventilated place.

When you use it for a while, you can expose the protective gear to let the product absorb the energy of the sun and restore its heat.

10. Can anyone use a self-heating product? Is there any taboo?

A: Our products belong to the nano far infrared magnetic therapy series, which have serious heart and brain diseases as well as cancer and pregnant women. However, if the condition is serious, you need to consult a doctor. The doctor will confirm the diagnosis. The doctors know the knowledge of far infrared magnetic therapy.

11. I am not feeling well. How long does it take to use this product?

A: Health care products are not medicines, nor medical devices, but health care tools that promote physical health. Using these products can alleviate physical discomfort and keep your body healthy, but it is based on long-term, step-by-step physiotherapy. It does not cure a disease as quickly as a drug.

12. Self-heating products can be heated without electricity, will it be harmful to human body?

A: Please feel free to use it. The self-heating series products do not contain any pharmaceutical ingredients. The heat-generating function is completely done by physical action and is harmless to the human body.

13. The product I bought said that there is magnetic therapy, but how can I not touch the magnet?

A: Our products with magnetic therapy are divided into two different forms: one is permanent magnet, and the other is life magnetic functional fiber weaving. Inlaid with permanent magnets, you can touch them with your hands, you can directly feel the hardness and existence of the magnet, and you can feel the obvious adsorption force when you use metal objects. Life magnetism is a kind of fiber fabric with far-infrared and magnetic therapy functions. It is as soft as a normal textile by hand touch, and there is no adsorption force when contact with metal objects, but its magnetic properties can be detected by using a magnetic detector. Compared to two different processes, the magnetism of the inlaid magnet is strong, while the life of the magnetic fabric is soft and comfortable.

The far-infrared anion thermal energy waistband is made of Brazilian gemstone tourmaline (tourmaline, negative ion), nano-functional ceramic powder and special heat-sensitive materials. Under the excitation of human body temperature, the heat sensitive material reacts instantly to release heat. Thermal energy, negative ions, and far-infrared effects can significantly improve the human microcirculation, accelerate cell metabolism, and assist in quality effects. It has no toxic side effects on the human body and is a waist care product.


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