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Waist protection belt

Waist support, also known as waist belt, waist support. The belt that is used to protect the waist from injury, heat insulation, or some special functions during sports. In sports, the waist is often tense because of excessive resistance exercise, high-intensity load-bearing muscles, and soreness. Wearing a suitable material and specifications of the waist protector can effectively protect the waist tissue and prevent sports injuries.


Basic role

First, pressurize. Apply a certain amount of pressure to the muscles to adjust the balance of exercise forces. To a certain extent strengthen muscle strength and reduce swelling. Muscles are stimulated during exercise, metabolism is accelerated, and the amount of water in muscle cells increases, resulting in a feeling of swelling in the cells. Appropriate pressure can help make exercise easier and more powerful.


Second, support. A harder waist supporter can provide a certain amount of support during exercise, supporting the waist that is bent too much, reducing the force on its muscles, and protecting the waist from sprains or soreness. Some functional lumbar backs are attached with a metal sheet, which can effectively provide greater support and prevent accidental injuries. The back of this lumbar back is generally higher.


Third, insulation. Double-layer or multi-layer materials have softer and more comfortable waist support, which has stronger heat insulation function. Athletes often wear less during sports, and have more heat dissipation at the waist, which is likely to be cold, causing backache, cramps, or causing stomach discomfort. The waist protection with thermal insulation performance can effectively maintain the waist temperature, speed up blood circulation, and prevent colds and certain stomach discomforts.


Fourth, shape your body. Strengthen cell metabolism, burn fat, regulate tightness, and apply appropriate pressure to help lose weight and shape your body. In doing waist-related sports, pressurization, thermal insulation and sweat-absorbent waist support can accelerate the decomposition of fat, which is an indispensable protective device for waist fitness.



Good waist support can not only fix the waist, keep warm, but also release far infrared and negative ions continuously. And it brings the micro-electric thermoelectric stimulation effect to the human body. It can effectively improve blood circulation, relieve muscle fatigue, activate cells to promote metabolism, clear the meridians, expel wind and dehumidify, relieve pain and cold, and enhance the body's ability to resist disease. The product is safe, easy to use and lasting.


Using the crowd

1. Lumbar disc herniation, lumbar spine hyperplasia, dislocation, lumbar muscle strain, sciatic nerve and other lumbar spondylopathy and rehabilitation after surgery;

2. People who have been engaged in shifts, driving, and old lumbar degenerative diseases for a long time.

3. Lumbar and abdominal hypertrophy, lumbar pain, postpartum lumbar deformity women, lumbar pain people;

4. To prevent lumbar spine deformity and dislocation after 35 years of age, share lumbar spine pressure;

5.People with cold and dampness, pain in backache, soreness and weakness, lumbar muscle strain, soft tissue injury, bone hyperplasia, traumatic pain, etc.

6. Suitable for long-distance bus drivers and other working people who maintain the same posture for a long time.


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