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Winter old man's prevention of fractures

Winter is a period of high incidence of various bone diseases, which has caused many people to worry about it. Osteopaths point out that once the weather gets cold, the chances of fractures in the elderly will increase dramatically. This is because when the weather is cold, the elasticity of the human muscles will decrease, the muscles and the meat become tense, and it is easy to produce a longitudinal force of the human body, and under the force of this force, it is easy to cause a fracture. In addition, when the weather is cold, the activity of the elderly is reduced, the flexibility of the joints is declining, and the decline in self-balancing ability and the decline in the ability to deal with external injuries increase the possibility of fractures in the cold weather.

Doctors said that as the weather gets colder now, older people must strengthen their protection against winter bone disease. Combined with the majority of patients and years of clinical experience, the doctor concluded four measures of preventive measures.

The first trick: do more outdoor sports, more sun.

Because in the cold weather, the outdoor activities of the elderly are reduced, in the absence of ultraviolet radiation, the body's active vitamin D conversion to help calcium absorption is reduced, calcium absorption will increase osteoporosis. However, although outdoor exercise can help prevent it, it must be appropriate. Don't let yourself be injured during exercise.

The second measure: balanced diet, rational use of drugs.

Older people should add more calcium, drink more milk, eat more seafood such as shrimp skin; do not smoke or drink, so as not to affect the absorption of calcium. Those who have a basic disease in their own right should take medicine on time under the guidance of a doctor to prevent falls when the disease occurs.

The third measure: take care of yourself and walk carefully.

Caring for the elderly is an obligation for the children, so try not to let the elderly live alone. It is best to be accompanied when you go out to prevent the elderly from falling when walking. When encountering rain and snow, try not to go out, wear light, soft, non-slip shoes when you go out.

The fourth trick: the correct fall posture can reduce the damage.

Among the elderly who were hospitalized for fractures, the most injured parts were the wrists and ankles. But if you fall to the side when you fall, you can reduce the possibility of injury in these two parts. In addition, if you are leaning back when you fall, you must hold your head with both hands to prevent brain injury.


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