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Hand wrist support brace

Introduction of the wrist support brace:

The carpal fixation band is also called the wrist joint fixation band and the wristband. It is a kind of medical fixing tape. The wrist bone fixation belt is uniquely designed according to the new ergonomics, selects superior materials, and adopts advanced production technology to create the quality. The carpal fixation belt can effectively prevent sprains and strains on the palms and wrists and surrounding muscles, and has the effect of reducing pain after injury and promoting rehabilitation. It is suitable for all kinds of sports, especially badminton, riding, snatch and other sports.

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The function of the hand wrist support:

The first is to provide pressure and reduce swelling;

The second is to limit activities so that the injured part can be recuperated. At the same time, try not to interfere with the normal functioning of the hand, so if necessary, most of the wristbands should allow the fingers to move without being restrained.

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Carpal fixation strap product features:

Protect the wrist and prevent wrist injury; the material is flexible; light and comfortable, can also be carried separately; stylish design; long-term use without deformation; dust, anti-static, anti-scratch; waterproof and breathable, can be repeatedly cleaned.

Carpal fixation tape washing method:

Wash separately from other clothes; do not bleach, wash with cold water or wash with a washing machine, dry


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