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  • the knee joint fixed zone Ⅱ type
the knee joint fixed zone Ⅱ type

the knee joint fixed zone Ⅱ type

Name:             The knee joint fixed zone type

Material:            Flannel cotton

Function:            Used for knee joint fracture, soft tissue  injuries, patellar fracture, dislocation, the meniscus damage, muscle  strength, convulsion, arthritis,

Feature:            Adjust freely between 0 ° and 180 ° limit is  fixed, to meet the needs of rehabilitation after surgery. Can provide  support, fixed, functional activity, load and other functions. simple and convenient,  improves the work efficiency.

Size:                 S/M/L(divided  left and right)

Color:                      Black

Introduction:         It is mainly used for knee joint  fracture, soft tissue injuries, patellar fracture, dislocation, the meniscus 

                                   damage, muscle strength, convulsion, arthritis, bend your knees, repair  ligament injury, or hardware.

                                   Suitable for postoperative rehabilitation needs,  ligament and cruciate ligament damage.

 Suit crowd     

  •            People who   encounter knee joint fractur

  •            People who   encounter soft tissue injuries

  •            People who   encounter patellar fracture

  •             People who   encounter dislocation, the   meniscus damage, muscle strength, convulsion, arthritis



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