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  • Elbow fixation Band
  • Elbow fixation Band
Elbow fixation Band Elbow fixation Band

Elbow fixation Band


 Elbow fixation Band


Cotton and nylon tapes


customized composite cloth, magic stick, woven ribbon, buckle and other materials   carefully designed and processed. The adhesive pressure belt prevents the retaining   displacement or slipping. Easy to use. Comfortable. Easy to fix. Good air permeability. It is a replacement for traditional medical fixed support.


Protect your elbow


S/M/L For Men And Women (left, right)

 Product Instruction

   It ‘s made of Cotton and nylon tapes .

   it is suitable for patients to recover after elbow joint sprain and fracture, and the fixation belt of the elbow joint is easy to use, simple structure and easy to handle.

Usage method 

  • placing the holder in the place of use

  • take it in the front

  • adjust it up and down to the comfortable position according to the joint   Angle.

Suit Crowd

  • Elbow Fracture

  • Elbow Injury




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